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Unique X
Fully autonomous cinema software providers 

B2B Products 

RosettaNet real time Circuit management 

RosettaNet is the first full Cinema Network Management System that allows programming, monitoring and support of an entire digital cinema estate from a single point, allowing network-wide show conformity and control, driving down operational costs.  

RosettaBridge Theater management system

RosettaBridge is the cinema’s operational hub – integrating with the POS for schedule, creating Show PlayList from templates to build shows, allowing pre-show integration with advertising or trailer providers while managing both the hardware and  automation.

RosettaPOS Cloud based point of sale 

Rosetta POS Manages everything from a stand-alone cinema to a multi country chain – in one cloud. RosettaPOS allows users to run cinemas using a web browser from
wherever they are in the world.

RosettaLive Broadband Event Streaming 

IRosettaLive allows exhibitors to stream anything live, from anywhere. RosettaLive is Unique X’s gamechanger when it comes to receiving live streaming Event Cinema bookings.  We provide the lowest rates in the market, a fully managed service, while hardware and installation are completely free of charge.

BaseKey KDM delivery and TDL management 

BaseKey is trusted by distributors and exhibitors around the world. Our Baskey software is delivered to hundreds of customers  weekly. KDM stores everything  in one secure cloude.

SmartTrailering Intelligent trailer scheduling 

Smart trailering allows for a fully automous workflow process. The software is a sophisticated, centralised trailer scheduling system that automates  trailering process via a user-friendly, cloud-based system.

MovieTransit Electrionic DCP content delivery 

MovieTransit has been designed to deliver the very best service for both major movie studios as well as independent distributors, providing powerful and innovative functionality to maximise new releases. MovieTransit is the most secure, reliable, and flexible DCP delivery platform on the market today. 

AdvertisingAccord Complete advertising sales management 

Unique X’s state of the art cinema advertising management software solution optimises advertisments making them impossible to overlook. 

Global leader in cinema software and film distribution

Unique X is the only company in the world servicing the cinema channel that deals equally with distribution, exhibition, and cinema advertising agencies.

Unique X is a global leader in theatre management systems, continuously investing in new technological and innovative solutions within the cinema and streaming  industry. 

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